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This 12-week fitness & nutrition program is designed to help you achieve your own personal definition of a BikiniBod. This program includes cutting-edge training techniques and specific macronutrient protocol to get you get lean, tone and healthy.

Let’s get this straight- You already have a BikiniBod. A BikiniBod is simply a body with a bikini on it! So congrats (You already have one). This 12-week BikiniBod Guide aims to do to make you look and feel your absolute best whether you are at the beach, or just living life. We want you to feel confident, sexy, and strong. We want to empower you with the knowledge to END the cycle of restrictive FAD diets, endless amounts of useless  so-called “toning” exercises. We want YOU to realize your own inner strength and beauty and we want you to love your natural BikiniBod.


12-Week Workout Plan: Each of the three, month long progressive phases were designed to work in sequence to burn fat and build lean muscle. Each workout takes only one hour a day, five times a week, without silly “toning exercises” or endless amounts of boring cardio. Both gym and home versions available.

12-Week Nutrition Plan:  No restrictive diets or boring meal plans. You will be provided with a customizable 3 phase macronutrient nutrition plan, which lets YOU chose the foods you love and enjoy- every day

Macronutrient Substitution Guide: No more guessing what you need to eat to fill your diet. BikiniBod comes with a list of macro substitutions to make creating your own meal plan THAT much easier

Meal Idea List: Need help thinking of meal ideas? Don’t worry! You get a list of over 40 different, easy to make, quick, healthy, and affordable meal ideas

Team Support Facebook Group: You get exclusive access FOREVER to our support group for any questions you may have along the way. This is a great way to meet new friends and keep yourself accountable.

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4 reviews for BikiniBod

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Megan Jarrell

    I really liked this program!! I loved the custom macro calculations you get through each phase, it really helped keep me on track being able to track in my fitness pal. I put on so much muscle during the program too!! I can finally bench triple digits lolol. The one reviewer was correct about the circuts being hard to do with all the equipment at opposite ends of the gym and people are on them when u need them. So i ended up just supersetting or triplesetting when I could, but overall great program!! Def recommend!!

  2. Em

    I’ve updated the program to remove these circuits due to ++ feedback! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

  3. Em

    One month bikinibod progress

  4. Em

    Awesome 🙂 So glad you loved it! I look forward to hearing about your future progress!!!

  5. Em

    I’ve updated the program to remove these circuits due to ++ feedback! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

  6. Amanda (verified owner)

    I loved this program when I did it initially a couple of years ago but i agree with the feedback on the circuits! Are we able to download a newer edition if we already purchased the program or will we have to buy again?

  7. Em

    Brittany’s Bikinibod Progress

  8. Em (verified owner)

    Hi Amanda. Thank you for your feedback. I can provide 75% off the new version if you send me over a copy of your receipt 🙂

  9. Em

    Dani’s 8 Week BikiniBod Progress

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brittany Thiebeau

    After losing about 85 lbs in a year, I turned to Em’s Bikinibod Program to help me lean out and shed the rest of the weight to get to my 100 lbs weightloss goal. Well it didn’t happen. I actually only lost a few pounds. BUT I lost 3 pants sizes, several inches off my waist, my figure completely changed, AND my self confidence skyrocketed! I no longer rely on the scale to determine my happiness and healthiness. I fully attribute that to this program. Emilia knows her stuff!!! I get stopped all the time saying I look completely different and fit. When they ask what my secret is, I send them to 🙂

  11. Rated 4 out of 5

    Taylor (verified owner)

    I loved this program! I put on so much muscle during the first two phases. I will say that I didn’t really like the third phase because of all of the circuits. I know circuits are great for fat loss but being in a gym, most of the machines were on opposite ends of the gym so machines or weights would always get used when I left them and the circuits would take forever to complete. Other than that, I really enjoyed the program and saw good results.

  12. Em

    I just wanted to attach some pictures of my progress from the BikiniBod Program!! I just finished and am super happy with not only the physical, but mental progress that I made throughout the past three months. I’ve become much stronger and more confident in the gym and can’t wait to continue on and see what else I am able to do! Counting macros has also been great, it gives me the perfect balance of both freedom but also control. Thanks so much!!!

  13. Em

    This is my body changing, which i never thought possible! I dont have my beginning stages bcus i lost my phone 🙁 so yeah… But I have struggled with weight all my life. From eating too much to eating too little. This plan has given me perspective and i feel good about who i am and who I’m becoming. I don’t skip out on enjoying life and I’ve learned a lot about working out. So thank you so much! You’re beautiful inside and out & such an inspirational person! God bless 🙂

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Heather Cook (verified owner)

    I am about half way through BikiniBod and I cannot say enough good things about it! There are so many Instagram fitness accounts, and I spent years rolling my eyes at the people making money with no education to back up their claims; Emilia knows her STUFF. I purchased the program to begin once I was cleared to workout after having my first child. The program is challenging, yet doable, and just when you get in the groove of a routine and feel comfortable, the next month begins along with a new workout and challenge. My plan is to do two rounds of BikiniBod; I have my weight and reps tracked so when I start it over again, I can objectively see my gains. The results are there if you put the work in. THANK YOU!

  15. Em

    I haven’t seen my body change as drastically as it did when I followed your programs… you can also probably notice it in the pictures….. So come September, it’s back at the gym with strong and shredded for more results! 😀 😀 😀

    Anyways, thanks again for being an awesome person to follow on IG and for your amazing posts & ebooks! I tell everyone I know to go to your website to get an ebook when they tell me they don’t know how/where to start working out!

  16. Em

    I purchased your program 12 week bikini body about 2 months ago (just finishing up phase 2) and so far I am seeing a lot of results especially towards muscle gains.In the pictures the left sides (before pictures) are around October/November and the right side is within the past month. My glutes improved a lot in the past two months and I noticed the most change there (much rounder and nice)”

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