2 Month Transformation Challenge 1.0

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Hi I’m Fitness Dietitian Em and I’ve spent the past 6 years sculpting my own body through years of research, a masters degree in human nutrition and endless amounts of trial & error. Since launching BeYou2BeFit. I have helped thousands of people transform their bodies, improve their health and unlock a new-found sense of confidence. The most common request I have been receiving over the years is to run a challenge program. I’m happy to announce that your requests have been heard and for the past 3 months I have been working endlessly at creating the MOST comprehensive challenge program on the market. STOP signing up for expensive “quick-fix” challenges run by “fitness models” that promise fast-results but deliver unrealistic starvation diets, two-a-days in the gym and rebound weight gain once the challenge ends. I promise you that as a regulated health professional I only deliver science-based and realistic approaches that are maintainable for life. If you are interested in kick-starting your body transformation and fitness journey this Spring don’t miss out on this Spring Shred Self-Guided Challenge.


PLEASE NOTE: The 8-week SpringShred Challenge was originally launched April 10th with a group of 54 women ranging from seasoned athletes to complete beginners. The original challenge group is $200 and included a grand prize and weekly check-ins and challenges. I am now offering the self-guided version for $100 as no coaching or prizes are included. If you want to sign up for a challenge group with prizes and coaching, please wait until the Summer Bikini Challenge launching June 1.


What’s Included In this 8-Week Program?

  • Two Phase Workout (Home or Gym) Program- you will receive TWO workout programs. Each workout program is designed to be completed for 4 weeks in duration. This is the amount of time it takes for your body to adapt to the workouts and build lean muscle. These workouts were designed to sculpt hourglass curves, build a firm & lifted booty, and burn fat.
    • You can choose either a HOME or GYM workout once I send you a client form.
    • Home Workout: requires a stability ball, resistance bands, and 3 sets of dumbbells (light, moderate, heavy)
    • Gym Workout: requires a full gym with resistance bands, some weight machines, dumbbells, barbells
    • Clicking on each exercise leads you to an online demo of each exercise (ex. youtube/bodybuilding.com)
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan- upon payment I will send you a client form to complete. I will then send you a two-part nutrition program. You will receive:
  • Cardio Program Based on Body Type: I will tell you how many and what types of cardios you are required to do based on your body type
    • Smoothie Guide: how to build the perfect smoothie
    • SpringShred Nutrition Ebook: how to follow the SpringShred Nutrition Program
    • Portion Template Nutrition Plan: I provide you with the number of portions of fat, protein, carbs, and veggies you need per day to reach your goals (beginner/simple nutrition method)
      • Portion Guide Food Exchange List
      • Portion Guide Meal Planning/Tracking Templates
    • Flexible Dieting/Macro Nutrition Plan: I provide you with a breakdown of fat, protein, carbs macronutrients + calories (and veggies) you need to hit each day to reach your goals


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