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What is the New Year, New You Challenge?

The New Year, New You is a 12-week challenge for both men and women looking to finally stick to their New Year’s Resolutions once and for all. This is not a starvation, restrictive, 2 hour a day program. Instead this program was designed to kickstart your OWN personal transformation in the presence of a supportive community with a fun incentive of $500 cash provided to the best transformation.  By the end of this challenge you can expect to feel stronger, look leaner, gain important lifelong knowledge on healthy eating and training, build healthy habits, and be part of a network of supportive men and women.


When Does the Challenge Start?

This 12 week challenge starts Monday January 1st 2018 and ends on Monday March 26th 2018.


What is Included?

New Workout Templates Each Week + 100 Focus Workouts Per Month.

We understand that each challenger has a different goal for the New Year. While some people may want to lose 25 pounds, some may want to have a stronger bench and deadlift, some may want to build an hourglass shape, or some may want to build a bigger chest and lats. Whatever your goal, this challenge will work WITH YOU and FOR YOU. To ensure that everyone is able to participate and reach their own personal New Year’s Resolutions, we have introduced the concept of Focus Workouts. Focus workouts are utilized in sequence with the weekly group workout templates so that YOU are in control of your physique, strength and endurance goals.

A wide variety of workout options will be provided for overall conditioning, full body strength, full body conditioning, body part specific strength workouts, body part specific hypertrophy workouts and fat loss metabolic workouts. Each week, I will send the team a brand new workout template that you will “fill in” with the focus workouts you choose. Basically, I tell you WHEN and HOW MANY; and you decide WHAT. Each exercise will also a clickable link to an online video demo to ensure perfect form.

50 + Metabolic Cardio Routines.

Rest assure you will never be bored doing hours of endless cardio with this challenge. In addition to the weekly workouts, with this challenge I have designed over 50 different quick  metabolic cardio routines.  This challenge will feature various home, gym and bodyweight routines, with options provided for all exercise levels. Each cardio routine exercise also includes a clickable video demo to ensure proper form. New options will be provided, different than past challenges 🙂

Personalized Dietitian Designed Nutrition Plan. 

You will receive a three option personalized nutrition plan designed by a dietitian. With this challenge you will receive a personalized flexible dieting plan (for those who want to track calories/macros),  a personalized portion template nutrition plan + portion food list (for those who do not want to track calories/macros), and monthly group meal plans with grocery list + recipes (for those who want a fool-proof, done for you approach). Vegetarian options provided. All options will be customized to your activity level, age, and goals.

Weekly Live Chats.

Every Monday evening I will hold a live Facebook chat covering a different weekly topic such as holiday eating tips, low calorie drink options, how to overcome fat loss plateau, and how to stay motivated during the challenge. In addition to the “topic of the week” during these 45 minute chats I will also cover any group questions and concerns. This live chat will also serve as a form of weekly support, motivation and accountability.


Mini Team Challenges.

Aside from the challenge workouts, you will also be able to participate in weekly “Mini Challenges”where you can win small $$ prizes. Past challenges have included 10 minute burpee challenges, 1000 rep pyramid challenges, and bodyweight challenges. These challenges help keep team motivation high with friendly competition.


Private Facebook Group and Unlimited Support.

You will be apart of a private, close-knit Facebook community. This is an excellent place to share your weekly challenges, successes and meet men and women from all over the world who have similar goals as you! You also have my complete support via email and the Facebook Team over the course of the 12 weeks.

What’s The Incentive?

The winner of the challenge (based on best transformation) will receive $500 USD cash. In addition to this, everyone who joins the challenge will have access to a private Facebook group where they can participate in weekly “Mini Challenges” with the chance to win small $$ prizes.


Past Challengers

Note: this was an 8-week challenge.

Kirsten B. (Down 7 inches)

This exceeded my expectations to be honest. I got so much more out of it than I thought, as it wasn’t just physical changes but so many more components of leading a healthier life.I have noticed that all the work clothes I bought right before the challenge fit so much better, are looser in areas and generally are more comfortable. I have more energy during the day and an easier time waking up in the morning. I am stronger, can lift heavier and more reps, my endurance with cardio has gotten progressively better. But overall I am most happy with my mental health, my improved relationship with food, and my ability to celebrate the off the scale victories in ways I never did before. Realizing that the scale doesn’t mean everything is the biggest hurdle, and once you get over it you realize how many more measurable changes happen.

Emilee B. (Down 4 pounds, 4.5 inches)

The challenge exceeded my expectations. The two things I am most proud of is getting up to 40 and 45 lbs for the small barbell for over head presses; and for getting back into the regular routine. I enjoyed the weekly challenges being presented despite me not completing two just because of life getting in the way and missing deadlines. However, I thought it was a fun way to change things up versus doing the regular routine.

Sieglinde S. (Down 15 pounds, 11.5 inches)

The challenge met my expectations. What I enjoyed most about the challenge was the team and the workouts! The girls were amazing, and the workouts were not at all scary!

Jessica A. (Down 2 pounds, 7 inches)

I loved the learning of it all. I know it sounds silly, but I was using like 5 lbs weights in the beginning (which were HEAVY at first) and kept using them and then one day – it all clicked – lift heavier, duh! I don’t know why I had such a mental block about it! But I feel like this has become my lifestyle. I noticed changes everywhere! Lost inches, gained strength! I am most proud of what I learned. I didn’t know much about lifting or macros and feel like I 100% have the hang of it now and will crush SummerBurn! And I am no longer a slave to the scale!

Victoria T. (Down 6 pounds, 4 inches)

The challenge met my expectations. What I enjoyed most about the challenge was the community and weekly check ins. I am proud of myself for sticking to the plan fully!

Frequently Asked Questions?​

Who can join the challenge? Do I need gym access?

Anyone in the world (both male and female) over the age of 18 with medical clearance can participate. To ensure that everyone is able to participate, both GYM and HOME based workout routines are provided.


Is this program for advanced, intermediate or beginner individuals?

A wide variety of focus workouts will be provided for complete beginners, intermediate, and advanced individuals.


What type of workouts should I expect?

To ensure that each challenger is able to focus on areas that they wish to focus on, I will provide the group with monthly “focus workouts”. For instance if you want to focus on glute growth you will be able to “fill in” your weekly group workout template with focus workouts that target glute growth. If you are looking to put on strength and size  you will be able to “fill in” your weekly group workout template with focus workouts that target strength and size. There will be a WIDE variety (50 different gym focus workout options PER month and50 different home focus workout options PER month) including plyometrics, strength focused, hypertrophy focused, endurance based and conditioning based workouts. These workouts will be 100% different than past challenges- my promise 🙂


How often do the focus workouts and meal plans change?

Each month challengers will receive 100 brand NEW focus workouts (50 gym and 50 home versions). By the end of the challenge you will have access to 300 completely unique gym and home workouts. Group meal plans change once a month.


How long do the workouts take to complete?

The workouts are flexible and accommodating to your schedule and you will have the option to choose between a THREE, FOUR or FIVE day weekly workout template. You do not need to commit to a specific numbers of days at the beginning because you will be given access to ALL workout templates. Workouts (including cardio if applicable) will take 30-60 minutes. To ensure that everyone is able to participate, both GYM and HOME based workout routines are provided.


What equipment is required to complete the gym-based program?

You will need to have access to free weights (dumbbells, barbells and plates), leg press, smith machine or squat rack, a cable machine, resistance bands, and a stability ball. I can provide suggestions for modifications if a piece of equipment is missing.


What equipment is required to complete the home-based program?

You will need to have a set of loop resistance bands, handled resistance bands (of varying resistances), a set of light (5-7 lb), medium, (10-15 lb), and heavy (20-40lb) dumbbells, a stability ball and a hard bench, box, or sturdy chair. All equipment can be purchased on amazon or at walmart for under $50.


Do I have to count calories or restrict what I eat?

Absolutely not! This New Years challenge was designed for flexibility with three nutritional options provided: flexible dieting (calorie counting, flexible approach) , portion template (non-calorie counting, flexible approach), meal plan approach (non-calorie counting, less flexible approach). Vegetarian and regular options will be provided.


Is this program coached or un-coached?

New to this challenge, you will have the option to sign-up for a coached version for an additional fee. The only difference with the coached version is that you will submit one-on-one biweekly check-in forms to me where I will review your progress and provide you with feedback. The un-coached program does not include one-on-one check-ins however it includes all other components of the program, including “weekly group check-ins” and email access to me for questions.


What is the cost to sign-up?

The price for the un-coached version of the 12 week challenge is $50 a month ($150 total) for solo entry OR $42 a month each ($125 total each) if you join with a partner or partners. The coached option (with biweekly one-on-one check-ins and nutrition plan updates is $100 a month ($300 total) for solo entry OR $92 a month each ($275 total each) for couple entries.


Can I participate if I am currently a nutrition counselling client?

Absolutely! This program would be a great add-on to your existing counselling sessions.

Registration Now Open.

(Registration is open until December 20th at 11:59pm EST. Don’t wait to sign up as entries will be capped. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at